Owhyee Blue Opal Pendant Necklace

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CHAKRA CRYSTAL STONE:This is a Hand Made 18" Pendant Necklace with 925 Silver Plating. This is a Owhyee Blue Opal Pendant Necklace with Opalite Beads. This pendant is 2.23" in height.

The Owhee Opal holds a blue shade that means connecting with and activating the THROAT CHAKRA. This stone also resonates strongly with the THIRD EYE CHAKRA. It is a high vibration crystal that has a beautiful calming energy that balances the emotions. It is said that these two CHAKRAS together can help create a happier, more joyful approach to all that you do. Its resonance within the THROAT and THIRD EYE CHAKRAs stimulates a good healing outcome for all organs in the vicinity of these chakras. T

OPALITE gemstones are known for their healing properties, including the ability to alleviate depression and fatigue and calm an anxious mind. It is said that Opalite is a business stone that encourages success in all endeavors.

When you wear Healing Crystals in jewelry it invites instant healing as the vibrations of the stone can get directly under your skin.