CHAKRA CRYSTAL STONE and BEADS. Handmade 18" Copper Zoisite Pendant Necklace with Indian Agate Beads. 925 Sterling Silver on Pendant. Necklace has a toggle clasp.

This pendant is a stone of return: return to the self, return to one's center, return to relaxation, return to healthy norms, etc.. Zoisite is closely associated with the HEART and CROWN CHAKRAS but it also harmonizes with both the ROOT and THIRD EYE CHAKRAS. Zoisite helps alleviate grief, anger, despair, hopelessness and defeat. It is a powerful healer of the emotional body, promoting positive states that support healing.

Indian Agate supports the HEART, SOLAR PLEXUS, SACRAL and ROOT CHAKRAS. It is know as the stone of eternity. Use Indian Agate to help bring on a deeper appreciation to life, and the beauty that we miss in our every day busy life. This agate will remind you to stop and smell the flowers, to be in touch with nature, and to enjoy being human.

When you wear Healing Crystals in jewelry it invites instant healing as the vibrations of the stone can get directly under your skin.