German DENDRITE Pendant Necklace

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CHAKRA HEALING STONE Pendant Necklace. This is an 18" Handmade "German" Dendrite Pendant necklace with Unakite Beads. This combination is known to incorporate the ROOT CHAKRA, CROWN CHAKRA, HEART CHAKRA and the THIRD EYE CHAKRA into one piece of jewelry. This pendant has a 925 Silver Plated base and a lobster claw closure.

German Dendrite is thought to create a peaceful environment and encourage the enjoyment of every moment. It can bring stability in times of strife or confusion. Dendrite is a stone of plenitude that can bring abundance and fullness to all areas of life. This stone has been associated with the ROOT CHAKRA, the CROWN CHAKRA and the HEART CHAKRA.

Unakite is known to be associated with the HEART CHAKRA and the THIRD EYE CHAKRA. The Unakite stone is said to bring lightness to our beings and assist us in finding inner peace and calm. It is said to bring balance to ones emotions. Unakite is said to have the ability to balance the spirit as well as ones physical and emotional bodies.

When you wear Healing Crystals in jewelry it invites instant healing as the vibrations of the stone can get directly under your skin.